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No Home like Christ!

In Him, there is boundless mercy for all, even after admission.  None are rejected nor cast out again after probation, because they are too weak or had to stay.  Oh, no!  Whomever He receives, He always keeps. Where He begins, there He brings to a good end.  Whomever He admits, He at once fully justifies and whomever He justifies, He sanctifies.  Thus, whomever He sanctifies, He glorifies.  No hopeless characters are ever sent away from His House.

No man or woman is ever found to be too bad to heal and renew.  Nothing is too hard for Him to do, who made the world out of nothing.  The one who comes to me, I will by no means cast out. [John 6:37]

Beloved, if you are in the House, please stay……because you are needed.


  • Praise is necessary;
  • Prayer is needed;
  • Obedience is required

We do not truly study the word or really know it until we put it into practice in our lives.  Be doers of the word [James 1:22]. “My People are destroyed for lack of knowledge” and [Hosea 4:6] “Beecause you reject knowledge, I will also reject you.”

I challenge you to read the Bulletin [February Edition] so you can get instructions.  These instructions are:

  • Pray first [for your ears to hear the Spirit]
  • Read your Bible;
  • Study your Bible

and finally, last, but not least,

  • obey the Words of the Bible.

This is basic instructions before leaving Earth…… “BIBLE.”