Monthly Archives: April 2015


“If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.” [NIV]

The word “everything” in Mark 9:23 does not always come simply by asking because God is always seeking to teach you the ways of Faith.   Your training for a life of faith requires many areas of learning.    Often you will pass through many stages before you finally realize the results of faith; namely, the victory of faith.  Genuine moral fiber is developed by enduring the discipline of Faith.

When you have made your request to God and the answer still has not come as anticipated, what are you to do?  Simple.  Just keep on believing His Word!   Then, as you stand firm, your power and experiences are being developed, strengthened and deepened…thus, you grow stronger on every front.

You just have to believe that He’s done it and it’s done.   Instead, we keep trying to help Him and also try to get others to help Him.    Faith adds its “Amen” to God’s “Yes.”

Now………………… take your hands off, remove yourself, leaving God to finish His work.       Amen.