Monthly Archives: January 2015


Tabernacle of Praise International Worship Center is recognizing two important milestones in its history that we would like to announce.

January 12, 2015, we honor and recognize Apostle Carol Ann Middleton’s dedicated service as Pastor since 1998 to the church body and community of our Center.

In addition, this coming January 22, 2015, Tabernacle of Praise International Worship Center will also reach its milestone of fifteen years since first opening its doors in 2000.

To God, be the glory, to keep us strong in His strength and fulfill the mission set forth.


People react differently when they suffer; some draw closer to the Lord while some withdraw.  To be spiritually worn out makes one even feel more tired and then some being physically exhausted.  When people are depressed, they often feel as if they have lost control of their circumstances, as if they are worthless and as if no one needs them.  They feel as if not even God isn’t there anymore.  The worst part is that they can do nothing about the situation themselves.

If you experience such a period of spiritual fatigue and emptiness in your life, the best advice is to keep your eyes on Jesus, to listen to His Words and make them a part of you; to stay close by Him all day long.  Because He had a much more worse time than you when He was on earth, no one is able to help you like He can.

So look away from all those factors that make you so tense and depressed.  Keep your eyes on Jesus. Then you will be able to run with perseverance your race of life and complete it because you will not become spiritually tired and loose heart.

Pray: “Lord Jesus, I want to look away from all the things that make me so anxious and stressed, and focus on you so that I will no longer be spiritually fatigued.  Please give me new strength.”  Amen.

Read: Hebrews 12:1-3