Monthly Archives: September 2014


Christian maturity results in greater wisdom, but that is not cause for pride or arrogance. On the contrary, as we increase in wisdom, we realize that our strengths lie not in our abilities,  but rather in the abilities of Jesus Christ, who lives within us. As we study the Bible, we find that meekness and humility,  as well as wisdom, are attributes of Christian maturity. As Jesus increases our wisdom and our understanding of Him, our stature in life may be elevated; people may look up to us and rely on our wisdom. We may grow in “favor with God and men,” but as Christian men and women, our strength and growth should be exemplified by meekness, humbleness, kindness, and forgiveness toward others. That is the true sign of wisdom.

Speaker: Prophetess Lyssa Cox

The Tabernacle of Praise International Worship Center is pleased to announce that on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., Prophetess Lyssa Cox from World Royal City Church, Main Campus, Hyde Park, MA will be our main speaker. Be sure to spread the word to family and friends and lets’ give a warm welcome from our community.